Is it really true that knock-down (KD) drywall sidelights, borrowed lights and transom frames can make your job easier? Absolutely! They can give you the same benefits of KD drywall three-sided frames and can make a job run smoother.

KD drywall three-sided frames in standard sizes have the convenience of being in stock at most distributors. This same convenience is true for KD drywall elevations as well. Most distributors have a main or secondary factory source that can get any KD drywall frame or elevation shipped to you on lead times as fast as the same day.

Here are some advantages of a KD drywall frame project versus a welded one:

■ Save time: The contractor can build and finish walls before frames are needed.

■ Save more time: KDs are easier to transport to each opening, especially if that opening is on the second floor or higher.

■ Save money: KD frames are less expensive.

■ Save more money: KD frames cost up to 50 percent less to ship.

Distributors gain other indirect savings in time and money, as KD drywall frames and elevations do not use up valuable shop time and resources like their welded counterparts do—no welding supplies like gas, welding wire, grinding pads, etc.

They save labor dollars as well, since KD frames require no skilled shop labor. KD frames also take up less warehouse space and truck space.

Although KD frames are not suitable for every project, they are great for office retro-fits, medical office buildings, retail, and many similar applications. The time and financial savings they offer create a compelling case to use them wherever possible.

Door and hardware professionals know that knock down (KD) drywall frames are the best choice for many interior installations. They cost less to transport, eliminate a welding operation, and can be installed after most other trades are finished on a job site. In these ways, they save both time and money.

KD drywall frames are such an obvious choice that they are used for the majority of interior office projects. Despite the widespread acceptance of KD drywall three-sided frames, KD drywall sidelights, borrowed lights and transom frames have yet to gain the same acceptance.  One reason may be installation training. XZIC DOORS shows you how to install many configurations of KD drywall elevations .Contact with whatsapp:+86-13311796416 or email : , you could know more about KD frame and welded frame difference .