Wood Top and Side Gap

If your fire door has a gap larger than 1/8 inch, it is not code compliant. For both top and vertical gaps, up to 3/8 inch, use a Top Protector System and a Vertical Edge Protector System for Wood Doors.

Wood Vertical/Latch Gap

For fire door gaps larger than 1/8 inch on the latch side, use the Crown Vertical Edge Protector System for Wood Doors. If latch engagement is an issue, add the Crown Latch Protector.

Wood Top Gap

Clearances greater than 1/8 inch on wood fire doors are excessive, therefore non-compliant. For gaps up to 3/8 inch at the top of your fire door, use our Top Protector System for Wood Doors.

Wood Center Gap

Gaps of up to 1″, at the center of paired wood doors, can be eliminated using our Vertical Extension. Choose the product that matches your door and hardware type.

Wood Excessive Undercut

For gaps of up to 2 inches at the bottom of your wood or steel fire door, use our fully adjustable Fire Door Extension System.